March 2015

Upworthy Article Anything But

Late Tuesday evening, a miscarriage of justice occurred. Upworthy, a website that skillfully aggregates articles from around the Web that viewers love, made a mistake. The website typically posts articles that spotlight the world’s beauty. With headlines like “This 7 year old has found a way to end hate” and “Think eggs aren’t people? Think […] Read more

More Icy Hot, Please!

Oh, these old bones of mine! Ugh! Let me get myself standing before I talk to you. Guh! Heh, guess I’m not the whippersnapper you see in the old photos anymore. Getting old is rough, let me tell you. But don’t say an old dog can’t learn a new trick or two. Harold told me […] Read more

Student Reads the DN

Stephanie Lindon didn’t expect to pick up a copy of the Daily Nebraskan from an overflowing stack Monday morning. “I was walking by the newspaper racks in Andersen Hall to pick up a copy of the Lincoln Journal Star and other local papers for hard-hitting news,” the sophomore physics major said. “But they were all […] Read more

Pete Ricketts and boyfriend Steve Kandor pose embracing each other.

Pete Ricketts’ Boyfriend Thrilled

Following Senior United States District Judge Joseph Bataillon’s ruling on Nebraska’s ban on gay marriage, Governor Pete Ricketts’ love life became quite a bit more complicated. Ricketts’ boyfriend, Steve Kandor, isn’t excited about his lover’s negative reaction to the ruling, but is thrilled this will give them a chance to marry. “This is just like […] Read more