March 2016

Runza 9 for $14 menu

Runza unveils new 9 items for $14 menu

Local food critics were shocked this week when popular fast food restaurant Runza introduced their new “9 for $14 Meal Deal” to customers. The deal, offering significant savings yet a notably ridiculous quantity of food, comes on the heels of similar, yet more reasonable, offers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King. “It’s a fantastic value,” […] Read more

Student who read assignment establishes harsh participation monopoly

In Professor Jake Hindley’s Gothic novel class, a balanced system among students crumbled under the iron fist of one opportunistic individual. During one of his lectures on “Frankenstein” Thursday morning, Hindley asked his students about the significance of the monster’s narrative. Unfortunately, because of a variety of circumstances, very few students actually read the chapters […] Read more