September 2017

Husker fans feel betrayed after discovering Pepsi sponsors other teams

Now that college football season is underway, fans everywhere are showing their allegiance to their favorite teams. However, some troubling new information has cast doubt on the loyalty of a well-known brand. The controversy began when die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan Carson Burns was visiting his brother at Michigan State University and saw an advertisement on […] Read more

Students already have sinking feeling about this year’s spring concert

The start of the school year and the fall weather usually sees good moods on campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but this semester, the student body can’t seem to shake an overwhelming sense of dread. After a few questionable spring concert artist announcements, the students just aren’t feeling great about this year’s upcoming performance. “You would think […] Read more

President Trump thankful he got his swastika tattoo removed 25 years ago

As racial tensions have continued to pressure his presidential administration, Donald Trump has gotten himself into a complex controversy that most anyone with common sense could have avoided. After not denouncing white supremacists after the Charlottesville riot and half-heartedly condoning their actions and then retracting that two days later, our commander-in-chief has been cast as a Nazi […] Read more