October 2017

Review: The Rexorcist

Runza Rex makes his film debut in “The Rexorcist,” a true, stomach-quenching account of Regan MacNeil becoming exactly what she ate. After incessantly glugging down Runza meals, Burg-bad, meat demon of the fourth realm and obvious metaphor for pro veganism, takes control of the hapless schoolgirl. Throughout most of the film, MacNeil’s Burg-bad persona plays […] Read more

DN editor wishes sportswriter would stop tweeting about his favorite restaurants and “stick to sports”

The phrase “stick to sports” has become a popular saying over the last two years, used by individuals who are annoyed by athletes or sports journalists who speak out on political issues. With so many outspoken sports personalities like Jemele Hill and LeBron James in a highly volatile political climate, “stick to sports” has become […] Read more

Nebraska loses to bye week 35-17

In an already depressing football season for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, things have just gotten a whole lot worse. After suffering back-to-back blowout losses at home, Nebraska conjured up another embarrassing performance last night as the 24-point favorite Huskers lost to the bye week by a score of 35-17, sliding to a 3-5 record. Head coach […] Read more