November 2017

Nebraska senators jealous of English professors’ ability to read

Criticisms continued to haunt the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s English department, as three rural senators wrote an opinion piece in the Hastings Tribune Monday, reprimanding the department’s “leftist” political intentions. In their shared piece, the senators expressed concern about the safety of conservative students and wondered “does anyone teach English anymore at UNL?” However, the real reason […] Read more

Adorkable! Local girl always cold

Fall is officially upon us, and most are welcoming the colder weather with open arms. A select few, however, never truly experienced the luxury of warmth in the first place. “I’m literally always cold, it doesn’t matter what season. I’m just always chilly. It’s wild,” Rebecca Birkenstock said. The 23-year-old Lincoln resident admits she can’t remember […] Read more

Parents on edge after finding Husker basketball tickets in child’s Halloween candy bag

A fun-filled Halloween night for kids around the country turned into a nightmare for a nine-year-old Lincoln boy and his family. Reports say Cameron Jenkins returned home after a night of trick-or-treating with his friends when his parents, Bryson and Willa Jenkins, checked his Halloween bag for malicious items, like razor blades and needles. While no sharp objects were found, Mr. […] Read more