7 Can’t-miss attractions for your Cuban getaway

With the Obama administration’s recent re-establishment of formal diplomacy with Cuba, The DailyER’s travel experts predict Americans will soon be able to vacation in the only nation named after a type of sandwich. After a recent fact-finding trip financed entirely by your student fees, here are our top picks for what to do during your stay.

7. Try to find the missiles from 1962.
Rumor has it that the Soviets never actually took them off the island. President Obama would really like to know where they are!

6. Ask the locals why they’re so poor.
Seriously, The DailyER never figured out why no one in Cuba has any money. By now one would think someone there would have the initiative and resources to start a small business or something.

5. Pretend it’s homecoming again, you’re still the star running back, you haven’t had a triple bypass yet and you’re driving around with that bombshell cheerleader.
Cuba is the only place you can rent a 1957 Chevy convertible to realistically relive your high school glory days. It’s almost like she didn’t leave you for some senior accounting major during your first semester of college!

4. Make sure you fill up at your hotel’s free breakfast.
All the restaurant food in Cuba is pretty spicy and might taste weird, so make sure you get your fill of those mini muffins. They’ll have to last you all day.

3. Admire the local newspaper’s dedication to quality journalism.
Not every news outlet is lucky enough to have the Castro family determine what stories they run. Make sure you check out how hard their writers work to show the glory of worker solidarity and the true joy of collective ownership.

2. Appreciate what you have in common with Cubans.
Because of the embargo, most Cubans haven’t had a Coca-Cola in 55 years. If you’re a true Husker who represents your Pepsi campus, you shouldn’t have touched a Coke in years too!

1. Hang out in the hotel room, eat pretzels from the minibar and watch reruns of NCIS all day.
What the hell, you were going to do this no matter where you went.