7 Classes to Take Next Semester

Easy Classes to Pass this Spring Semester

  1. Greek Mythology—Looking at Greek life of sororities and fraternities on campus and the myths about those awesome ragers you never seem to be invited to.

  2. CALC—Stands for “Cars in America Looking Cool.” Discussions about how awesome that new hot rod that just came out looks, then taking it out for a spin on a racetrack once a week.

  3. French III—Teacher cooks French food three times more than previous French I and French II classes, plus a trip to France to pick up easy singles.

  4. Life 121: Getting high and talking about what life really means and how trippy your hands look in that bag of doritos.

  5. CHEM: Counting Hot Erotic Men on campus. Focused toward women and men looking to appreciate the hot naked bodies of the honeys around here.

  6. Personal Finance: Pulling out the change in your pocket, seeing how poor you are to your peers, then pulling that sad lump of cash together for a pizza.

  7. Computer Science: Elective where you play video games until you become a god in “Skyrim.”