Adorkable! Local girl always cold

Fall is officially upon us, and most are welcoming the colder weather with open arms. A select few, however, never truly experienced the luxury of warmth in the first place.

“I’m literally always cold, it doesn’t matter what season. I’m just always chilly. It’s wild,” Rebecca Birkenstock said.

The 23-year-old Lincoln resident admits she can’t remember a time in her life where she ever truly felt warm. “I figured my body would’ve adapted after living in the midwest my entire life. Guess not!”

Birkenstock’s boyfriend, David Cortes, has not only learned to accept his lady love’s unique condition, but to embrace it as well. “It’s just so cute,” Cortes said. “She’s constantly borrowing my sweatshirts. I don’t know any other girlfriend like that.”

Birkenstock’s cold-blooded tendencies have ultimately affected the couple’s daily life. “So often we’ll be chilling in my 70-degree apartment, and she’s snuggling under a blanket, and I’m like, ‘Babe, how are you cold right now?’ And she’s all like, ‘I don’t know. I just am!’ It’s adorable,” Cortes said.

As temperatures continue to drop, Birkenstock is certainly in for a rough few months. Nevertheless, she can take comfort in knowing the cuteness of her predicament will always prevail.