Amidst rising tensions with North Korea, President Trump proposes gorilla warfare

In a recent meeting among the United States’ top national security officials, President Trump reportedly suggested a new strategy to combat rising tensions with North Korea.

After hearing various ideas from military leaders, Trump offered what he believed would be most effective against the aggressive regime of North Korea.

“I hear what you’re saying about diplomacy, about boots on the ground,” said Trump. “But why risk human lives? I know other countries have a history of success with a different tactic. It may be unconventional, but there are proven results. Gorilla warfare. What have we got to lose?”

According to sources, the president, then, launched an elaborate argument in favor of gorillas as a substitute for conventional United States military action, citing a number of famous battles that were decided due to the tactic’s effectiveness.

“This type of warfare has been around for over a thousand years, yet we haven’t even considered it,” said Trump. “It’s what won us the Revolutionary War, after all. Kim Jong Un would never see it coming.”

Sources close to the president told reporters that Trump was confident in the abilities of apes, gorillas, and other large primates to subdue North Korea’s military forces. He did not acknowledge the lack of precedent in regards to gorilla warfare, and he seemed unaware of the fact that guerilla warfare was the recognized battle tactic to which he appeared to be referring.

Upon exiting the meeting, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was overheard expressing his disdain for the president’s approach to international relations.

The one word used in Tillerson’s description of the president: “Moron.”