Apple™ Sues Granny Smith

Apple™’s litigating department is at it again, suing Granny Smith for stealing the now trademarked Apple™ iPad case color Granny Smith Green™ from the new line of The New iPad™ Smart Case™.

Apple™ litigator Harold McElhinny told reporters, “We have come to understand that Granny Smith, after getting one cease and desist letter a little under a week ago, has failed to change its coloration.” Apple™ sees this as a huge threat to all of their Smart Case™ products. “How are people supposed to tell the difference between Granny Smith apples and our Granny Smith Green™ The New iPad™ Smart Case™?”

The Granny Smith problem is also a big issue for Apple™ “fan boys™”. They’ve been seen picking fights with people who own Granny Smith apples, saying that perhaps they should have chosen a different color instead of copying the Apple™ Granny Smith Green™.

“Which green is good for me?” a group of “fan boys™” were heard chanting outside of a local Orchard in Central California, speaking to the point that they can’t possibly distinguish between the apple and the Apple™ Granny Smith Green™ Smart Case™.t

Interviewing one of the “fan boys™”, this newspaper realized just how deep this issue was really was for some. “It’s despicable that they (Granny Smith) think it’s okay to take something so revolutionary. They should have to come up with their own color instead of always stealing things from Apple™,” one anonymous protester said.

It seems that there are only few people who will side with Granny Smith on this subject. We had a chance to speak with one of the grove workers, who told us, “¿Qué?” every time we asked him a question regarding the sudden public outrage against Granny Smith apples.

Strangely, this happened two more times in different fields in Northern, CA. Experts have said that Granny Smith is simply feeding employees a script, so as to not get in trouble. “It makes sense: when you’re under fire, you don’t let employees go run their mouth,” one analyst said. “But why the letter ‘K’?”

Little makes sense in the land of patent and trademark lawyers anymore, and this fight between Granny Smith and Apple™ is just the most recent case. Who’s stealing whose ideas is going to be up to a judge in the coming weeks. Until then, Granny Smith doesn’t look like they are going to change the color of their apples.

  • Jimmy

    I stumbled upon this site after I independently came up with that headline and decided to google it. The article is unfunny, despite the good headline. The “fanboy” joke is immature, no professional humorist would use a niche netspeak word like “fanboy”. The migrant workers “K/Que” joke falls flat and I believe is a direct rip off of earlier South Park episodes.
    The “Granny Smith green coloration” joke is funny but not laugh out loud funny.