Area man a little too honest about how he’s doing


Normally when someone is asked how they’re doing, he or she crafts a mundane lie and say they’re doing anywhere from just okay to pretty good.


However, this was not the case for area sad sack Jeremy Reeves, who reportedly listed every single thing which was currently crashing around his pathetic existence he calls a life, ranging from a cheating girlfriend all the way to his chronically depressed puppy.


Those that saw the sad display of overwhelming openness called it troubling to say the least.


“It was awful, and honestly I regret even asking him how he was doing,” said Sam Harlon, who was a witness to Reeves’ unsettling performance. “Usually people do the polite thing and pretend they’re not circling the drain, but no, not this drama queen.”


“I’ve got my own shit to deal with,” Harlon added with a shrug.


“I mean, he just kind of started in about all this awful shit he’s dealing with right now, and it’s not like I could have just told the guy to fuck off like I wanted to,” Harlon said. “I mean how do you tell someone to fuck off when his cat hung itself? How does that even happen?”


The DailyER reached out to get Reeves’ side of the story, but unfortunately a newly unemployed staff interviewer started off the interview with “how’re you doing today?”


“Well if I’m being totally honest, not that great,” Reeves began, starting on his hour long unlistenable boo-hoo-cry-baby monologue.


“To start off, I am failing every single one of my classes, and on top of that my girlfriend left me for my professor who’s flunking me, and on top of that she’s pregnant, but I don’t get to be a part of the kid’s life- I just have to pay child support, but even worse is that Donald Trump might actually get elected president of the United States of America.”


Reeves sighed before starting up again.


“And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!” Reeves added before continuing to bitch and moan.


At press time sources confirmed that Reeves is still complaining and everyone wishes he’d just say he’s doing okay like a normal human being.