Area Man Refuses to Think of Ryan Gosling as Anything but That Guy from The Notebook

Charles Carmichael, a Lincoln native, said he is deeply upset with Ryan Gosling’s latest casting roles. Carmichael, a self-proclaimed “die-hard” fan of “The Notebook,” says he is hurt and feels betrayed that his recent roles in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “Drive” were nothing like the character Noah from “The Notebook.”

Photo Illustration by Dylan Bliss

“It’s just such bullshit,” Carmichael commented after seeing “Drive.” “The guy’s name isn’t even Noah. It was Driver or some other shit.”

When asked if he saw “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” Carmichael commented, “Yeah. He cheated on Allie, that mother fucker. And they messed up his name again, too. It was Jacob something or other. It didn’t even start with an ‘N’.”

Despite hearing rave reviews for both movies, Carmichael tries to forget they were even created.

“If it doesn’t have “notebook” in the title, then it’s crap,” Carmichael said.

After being asked if he will see the highly anticipated film “The Ides of March,” Carmichael looked up in hope and asked, “Why? Is Rachel McAdams in it?”