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Waluigi: Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is immoral and unconstitutional

Wah! On Saturday night, federal judges ruled that portions of President Trump’s immigration ban, which barred refugees from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., were unconstitutional. Those who had been detained due to the executive order must now be freed. Wah-hah! This is a good start. Donald Trump’s ban shows a flagrant and troubling […] Read more

Point/Counterpoint: The AT&T/Time Warner monopoly threatens our democracy vs. I love that game

Point: We live in the greatest democracy in the world. However, our greatness is threatened if AT&T and Time Warner are able to merge together. Imagine two companies that dominate their respective industries becoming one ultra-company. Talk about “too big to fail.” This single company could completely control the FCC with lobbyists who advocate for […] Read more

Self-described “informed liberal” voted for whoever Jeff Fortenberry ran against

On Election Day, freshman Laurie Anderson was excited to express her political attitude for the first time. Anderson, who described herself as an “informed liberal,” was excited to vote for all of the Democratic politicians and policies on the ballot. However, while Anderson seemed knowledgeable on choices like the presidency and the death penalty, she […] Read more