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Hooters coming to the Union

If there’s one thing college students love, it’s a huge pair of honkers, and UNL has finally taken notice. In an attempt to capitalize on the craze, the Union Board has voted to bring a brand new sensual eating experience to the Nebraska Union… Hooters! Hooters is a world-renowned restaurant, famous for their wings, beer […] Read more

UNL offers peeing in Union fountain as gender inclusive bathroom option

For transgender and gender non-conforming students at UNL, finding a suitable bathroom can often be a challenge. While there are gender inclusive restroom options, they’re often in inconvenient locations, such as the cryptic “Transgender Bathtub,” a bathroom that can only be accessed through the Star-Tran spirit realm bus, which stops just once an hour at a bus […] Read more

SJWs at UNL have eliminated the gender binary, now all the campus squirrels are women

Colleges are often criticized for being too liberal, and the beautiful University of Nebraska-Lincoln is no exception. The latest liberal takeover at UNL includes the elimination of the gender binary by known militant social justice warrior groups. The Young Democrats club and the Women’s and Gender studies department have teamed up to completely remove the […] Read more