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DailyER Writers Unionize

After years of abusive working conditions and poor wages, the staff of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s satirical student paper The DailyER decided to unionize in order to secure a more hospitable work environment, decrying the strange and sadistic treatment they received over the last several years. “It’s been so bad for so long,” an anonymous […] Read more

Interstellar | Film Review

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.  At least that’s what Murphy’s Law, the oft quoted and somewhat clichéd phrase, suggests. But in “Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan’s ambitious new space odyssey, Murphy’s law is revised to state that anything that can happen will happen, and in the case of this film, it’s true. When […] Read more

Featured Poem: “Cursive”

[title size=”1 to 6″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]”Cursive”[/title] [title size=”3″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]By James Crowl[/title] If people were fonts She’d make beautiful words; Her consonants supple, Each vowel so stunning; No need for italics, Letters lovely as they are; No edits, no revisions, Her script alluring enough; Capital “L’s” like curlicue hairs, Loop once, loop twice, […] Read more