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Top 9 DailyER codes of conduct

As the only content-driven journalistic publication on campus, we here at The DailyER are tasked with providing you, the students, quality news stories every month. How is this accomplished, you ask? We have strict Codes of Conduct keeping writers in line every issue, all the time, always. In order to pay tribute to those Conducting Codes, […] Read more

Dishwasher gnomes form union

Kitchens across America rely on power, water and loving families in order to function. Loving families of the actively oppressed Smeebler dishwashing dishwasher gnomes, that is. Stolen from their Smeebler homeland of Dishenraque in the 1850s by inventor Joel Houghton, dishwasher gnomes were forced to live and work inside of wooden boxes and spray dishes […] Read more

Review: The Rexorcist

Runza Rex makes his film debut in “The Rexorcist,” a true, stomach-quenching account of Regan MacNeil becoming exactly what she ate. After incessantly glugging down Runza meals, Burg-bad, meat demon of the fourth realm and obvious metaphor for pro veganism, takes control of the hapless schoolgirl. Throughout most of the film, MacNeil’s Burg-bad persona plays […] Read more