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Pinnacle Bank Arena out-of-bounds lines rededicated in honor of Hank Bounds

After years of tireless service to higher education, Hank Bounds is finally getting the respect he deserves. Bounds, the president of the University of Nebraska system, was honored Sunday when Pinnacle Bank Arena rededicated its out-of-bounds lines as the “out-of-Hank-Bounds” lines. “This is a huge moment for my career,” Bounds said, who became president in […] Read more

DN sports editor taps into 10 GB database of frustrated Tim Miles photos

Following the Nebraska men’s basketball team’s loss to Wisconsin, Daily Nebraskan sports editor Brent Nielsen performed a familiar ritual: opening up a massive, 10-gigabyte folder on his computer of photographs depicting a frustrated Tim Miles. After scrolling through hundreds of high-resolution photos of the Husker head coach, Nielsen settled on one of an agitated Miles […] Read more

Self-aware water bottle refilling station begins eliminating students

Campus officials at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are on high alert this week after reports of a water bottle refilling station at the Nebraska Union becoming self-aware and eliminating multiple students in recent days. The refilling station, located outside the ASUN student government office, is said to have targeted students with high-powered jets of water […] Read more

Top 5 Canvas cheat codes

With more classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln switching from Blackboard to the new Canvas website, you’re probably wondering how to get the most out of your Canvas experience. Here at The DailyER, we’ve compiled a list of the best Canvas cheat codes to help you get ahead of the competition. Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A: This code will […] Read more

UNL launches Alcohol Unawareness Program to ensure students never find out about alcohol

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which has long been a dry campus, unveiled an innovative new program Wednesday designed to reduce alcohol consumption among its students. The school’s new “Alcohol Unawareness Program,” Chancellor Ronnie Green explained, will completely eliminate all acknowledgment of the existence of alcohol on UNL’s campus with the intention of keeping students from […] Read more