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Janelle Monae | The Electric Lady | ‘A-‘

[title size=”1 to 6″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]’A-‘[/title] Even in today’s society, a science-fiction concept album like The Electric Lady can be a tough sell. If there’s one “Electric Lady” that can do it, it’s “Electric Lady No.1,” Janelle Monae, and she succeeds at making the album a musically astounding piece of work that also tackles […] Read more

refrigerator with marathon medal

Refrigerator wins marathon

Officials were stunned last weekend when a refrigerator won the River City Marathon in Sacramento, California on Sunday. The refrigerator won the race with a time of 1:59:48, shattering the previous world record and stunning fans everywhere. “I never thought I’d see a refrigerator win a marathon,” said Joe Johnson, a spectator at the race […] Read more