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Nebraska senators jealous of English professors’ ability to read

Criticisms continued to haunt the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s English department, as three rural senators wrote an opinion piece in the Hastings Tribune Monday, reprimanding the department’s “leftist” political intentions. In their shared piece, the senators expressed concern about the safety of conservative students and wondered “does anyone teach English anymore at UNL?” However, the real reason […] Read more

Review: Ronnie Darko

Haunted by the mistakes of his past, chancellor Ronnie Darko begins sleepwalking and is awoken by the South Dakota State Jackrabbit, who tells him that in 72 days, 12 hours, 45 minutes and 6 seconds, SDSU will surpass UNL academically and athletically. At first, he pretends it’s just a dream, but after half the student […] Read more

Spooky: Donald Trump names “Monster Mash” as the new national anthem

In the nearly 10 months of his presidency, Donald Trump has done some scary things on many non-Halloween days. However, his newest controversy might be the scariest and strangest of all. At 9:34 this morning, Trump made an announcement saying that effective immediately, the national anthem of the United States will no longer be “The Star-Spangled […] Read more