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Upworthy Article Anything But

Late Tuesday evening, a miscarriage of justice occurred. Upworthy, a website that skillfully aggregates articles from around the Web that viewers love, made a mistake. The website typically posts articles that spotlight the world’s beauty. With headlines like “This 7 year old has found a way to end hate” and “Think eggs aren’t people? Think […] Read more

Pete Ricketts and boyfriend Steve Kandor pose embracing each other.

Pete Ricketts’ Boyfriend Thrilled

Following Senior United States District Judge Joseph Bataillon’s ruling on Nebraska’s ban on gay marriage, Governor Pete Ricketts’ love life became quite a bit more complicated. Ricketts’ boyfriend, Steve Kandor, isn’t excited about his lover’s negative reaction to the ruling, but is thrilled this will give them a chance to marry. “This is just like […] Read more

Mom Getting Worried

Citing increased texts and phone calls, sources have told the Dailyer that your mom is probably starting to get a bit worried. “She’s asking about almost everything happening in your life right now,” said Aret Junip, a researcher in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln psychology department. “Like, does she really care about what you’re drinking with […] Read more