Badang Food Cart: Local Food Review

Badang is a brand new food cart in Lincoln. It popped up downtown in September and has had a growing fan base ever since. They describe themselves as a blend of “traditional American BBQ with modern Asian flavors.”

Their menu is more BBQ than Asian, though their house BBQ sauce definitely has Asian influences. It’s a tangy blend reminiscent of Carolina-style BBQ sauce, but a bit thicker in consistency. The short menu includes pork belly sliders; brisket sliders; pig nuggets, which are chunks of pork served with their BBQ sauce on two slider buns; Redneck Kesadillo, a BBQ quesadilla made with their brisket; hash flats; and the Jake, which is everything they serve on the cart with all three of their sauces rolled into two overlapped tortillas forming a giant burrito.

Long story short, everything on this cart is good. Really good. Their BBQ sauce is the perfect consistency, not like some ketchupy sauces that can ruin good BBQ, and is a great, tangy Asian sweet and sour flavor blended classic BBQ sauce. It pairs very well with all of the meat served on the cart.

The highlight of the menu is definitely the Jake. It’s probably too much food, but fuck it, that’s the point. You don’t order “everything on the cart” to have a light snack. Get it with extra sauce; it’ll make you believe in God.

Everything with the exception of the hash flats are served either on slider buns or a tortilla, which is perfect for the late-night gorging that inevitably happens every Friday and Saturday. It’s also very easy to split meals with someone else, if you’re into that kind of thing.

All items are $8 or less. Badang usually operates in front of Mix and Abloom from 9pm-3am Friday and Saturday nights. If they’re anywhere else, you can find out on their Facebook page.