Bathroom Stall Graffiti Sheds Light On Thoughtful Previous Tenants

For the casual visitors to stall 4 in Hamilton Hall’s main floor men’s restroom, the idea of receiving a sudden dose of culture shock is not the first thing on anyone’s mind wandering into the conveniently located lavatory.

“Patrons of the Hamilton Men’s first floor restroom are provided a thought-provoking look into the minds of their eloquent fore-bearers – men who travelled this Earth as many as 30 years ago,” quipped long-time janitor at Hamilton Hall, Russ “Rusty” Frey.

Frey has worked in Hamilton for the past eight years, and his custodial expertise extends across each of Hamilton’s 12 floors. In a profession that he sees as a service to the young minds abuzz inside Hamilton, Frey said he counts the years spent there among the best of his life; much of his pride stems from the patrons of the Hall’s first-floor restrooms.

“I was never one for philosophy, but boy, the walls of those stalls can really make you think. I never knew Mike, but I know that he was here. I’ll occasionally hear an AC/DC song on the radio, but at least now I know that they rock. It’s kind of profound,” continued Frey.

William Vlick, Head of Operations at Hamilton Hall, said he is also in favor of the creative spirit of the residents of his beloved hall.

“The graffiti, while considered vandalism under the University Code of Ethics, has peacefully existed in the Hamilton bathrooms for years. And under Rusty’s watchful eye, it has blossomed. I’ve never been more proud to sit in a bathroom. The toilet itself, though, could probably use a thorough cleaning.”