Big Sean Peddling Burned CDs Outside Union Again

In an apparent breach of contract with UPC, Big Sean, the Detroit rapper known for songs including “Clique” and “Beware,” was seen trying to sell homemade CDs to students in front of the Nebraska Union this last week.

This violated one of the terms of UPC’s contract that Big Sean signed this past spring. Included in their contract was a clause forbidding Big Sean from selling merchandise on campus. He circumvented this clause by selling unofficial merchandise that no record label has associations with.

UPC was seen as one of the sole entities on campus that could do something about what some students began calling “The Big Sean Problem.” UPC reps have said in the past that if they would let him perform for their spring concert, he would stop harassing students walking to and from their classes.

“I don’t have time to get stopped by some bum on campus,” Steve Anderson, a junior economics major, said. “My next class is in ten minutes on the complete opposite side of campus. Some unemployed jerk trying to sell me his shitty mixtape is not really something I feel like dealing with.”

Big Sean has reportedly been seen stopping students in front of the Union for up to six hours per day; as many as 25 university students have been late for their classes as a result of this.

UPC is currently exploring their options to deal with Big Sean.

“Appeasing special interests clearly didn’t work, and that’s all we’re really good at,” UPC said in an official release. “One committee member suggested that we let him host a ‘Q&A,’ but we’re afraid the only question that would be asked is Big Sean asking ‘You want a copy of this?’”

Three freshmen have been allegedly tricked into buying a copy of Big Sean’s newest mixtape, “Still Famous,” thus far this academic year.