Bo Pelini Loses Lucky LSU Boxer Shorts

Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini is not known as a superstitious man. Husker fans could be forgiven for assuming that he does not consider any outside factors when judging football success. However, those fans have never talked to Pelini about his lucky Louisiana State University boxer shorts.

A visibly distraught Pelini, who was previously defensive coordinator at LSU, confessed to reporters early Monday that he had “no freaking idea” where his lucky boxers were.

“I’ve worn them for every game I’ve ever won at Nebraska,” said Pelini. “They were being washed for last year’s Northwestern game, and during the Big 12 Championship against Texas a few years back, my brother [former defensive coordinator Carl Pelini] had to borrow them. I try to never go without them.”

Pelini, who confesses to having never washed the shorts, obtained them in the celebration following LSU’s victory in the 2007 National Championship game.

“A booster threw them at me and wanted an autograph,” said Pelini. “But the moment I saw the Tiger’s eyes stretched over the crotch, I knew I could never give them back.”

In related news, former Husker and current Ohio coach Frank Solich has lost his lucky Nebraska jock strap and is asking anyone with information to come forward.