Buzzkill with no costume actually killer with skin costume

The Spooky Pre-Halloween House Party at Tommy Hanson’s apartment was absolutely kicking Saturday night. That is, until complete buzzkill Carl Jenkins walked with a straight back into the spooky scene of costumes with no costume of his own. Because of this, Hanson – unaware that Jenkins was actually Cape Cod Flayer Adam Bradley dressed in Jenkins’ skin – “totally ruined the whole spooky vibe.”

Party-goers sneered and rolled their eyes as the shambling, stitched masquerade of Jenkins passed through the living room without looking at anybody but at a young woman wearing a Catwoman outfit – whom he stared at without breaking eye contact until he left the room.

“No-fun jerk,” Justice Nile muttered, who looked away from the bland sweater and the coagulated blood caking it. “Why’d he even come here?”

People continued to scoff at Jenkins – whose skin started to fold over awkwardly and peel off Bradley – as he walked stiffly to the garage, grabbed an axe and saw and marched to the upper floor. When he returned with a collection of wet spines, the onlookers collectively groaned in disbelief.

“He’s just overcompensating now with props since he didn’t wear a costume,” said tutu-wearing Katie Friedman over the loud ruckus above. She stroked one of the spines with amusement while Jenkins was away. “This would’ve been way more effective in costume. But because he’s not in one, these are just weird props for the sake of being weird.”

As the party continued – with more and more people gradually disappearing – some partygoers almost felt sad for the poor costume-less Jenkins. When Jenkins started to replace the drapes and curtains with leathery substitutes, all some could do was shake their heads.

“He’s trying so damn hard,” said Greg Morrison, whom the growling and lips-licking Jenkins ushered away into the basement. Morrison could only shrug.

“If only he brought a costume.”