Campus Voices: Mass Debate 2015

Campus Voices: The DailyER hosted the first ASUN debate of the season, the Mass Debate, on February 26th. How do you think it went?

“Hubba hubba! Those Mass Debaters have got the right stuff!” – Marian McConnor, Senior Finance Major

“They told me the paper was free, but after that debate I can’t give them my money fast enough!” -David Marten, Fancy Boy

“ASUN is an affront to the the sovereign state of Harper 2. I will never bend knee to a false king.” William Rothschild, Chancellor of Harper 2

“That debate was gold, and I didn’t even have to sift through miles of California soil!” – One-Eyed Curly, Crazy Prospector

“I thought it was really funny until I realized I was in the wrong building and just staring at a blank wall.” – Stephanie Gribbles, Sophomore Economics Major