UNL Housing Denies SARS Outbreak

The UNL housing department is on the defensive this week after claims that several students are being quarantined in the UNL health center with possible SARS-related symptoms. The department continues to deny the rumor even as evidence mounts against them, including the head of Center for Disease Control and Prevention stating that there was a […] Read more

Devaney Center Deemed Fifth Most Popular Lincoln-Based Basketball Venue

Doug Emery, City Council chair of Lincoln’s Northeast District, announced in last Friday’s meeting that the Bob Devaney Center, home to the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team, was named Lincoln’s fifth most beloved venue for basketball. 

The complex, named for celebrated Cornhusker football coach Bob Devaney, dropped one place from last year’s rankings due to a […] Read more

Terrorist Joke Bombs

Local amateur comedian Steve Cook’s terrorist joke bombed last evening at a local nightclub, causing the death of both the comedian’s reputation and the evening of all the people in the half-empty room. “Thank god the room was only half-full,” club owner John Jacobson said. “Can you imagine if the room had been filled to […] Read more