NUTS Refuses to Protect Black Squirrels

Nebraskans for the Upgraded Treatment of Squirrels (N.U.T.S.) President Carl Scholt announced yesterday that N.U.T.S. would only be protecting the eastern grey squirrel and would not be protecting the black squirrel subgroup. The N.U.T.S. members voted on this issue last night after it had been found out that black squirrels were not specifically mentioned under […] Read more

Immigration Raids Chipotle, Finds Angsty White Teens

Story by Grace Mortensen Immigration and Customs Enforcement is beginning to crack down on many restaurants. This past month, ICE officials investigated illegal employment in Chipotle restaurants across the United States. Recently, the government organization that controls illegal immigrant activities, among other things, raided two Chipotle locations in Lincoln. “I came into work and was […] Read more