Waluigi: Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is immoral and unconstitutional

Wah! On Saturday night, federal judges ruled that portions of President Trump’s immigration ban, which barred refugees from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., were unconstitutional. Those who had been detained due to the executive order must now be freed. Wah-hah! This is a good start. Donald Trump’s ban shows a flagrant and troubling […] Read more

Ernie Chambers announces new one-man show “Kintnergram: The Bill Kintner Cybersex Manuscript”

After recent tweets making light of sexual assault against women, State Senator Bill Kintner has made enemies inside and outside the Nebraska Legislature–many of whom are asking for his registration. No one, however, has been more vocal against Kintner than State Senator Ernie Chambers, who has campaigned to get Kintner out of public office ever […] Read more

Jeff Sessions cites DVD copy of Frozen as reason why global warming is a myth

Alabama senator and future Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not the most welcomed choice for the job by pundits and citizens alike. As a lifelong politician, Sessions has created a political platform based on anti-immigration and anti-LGBT stances, like banning books from schools that reflect Islamic values. Sessions is also a fierce denier of climate […] Read more

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Journalistic Fairness – For every time Donald Trump tells a factual lie during the debate, we will hit Hillary Clinton in the shoulder

In an effort to achieve political fairness in the continuing coverage of the approaching election, several media sources have announced that they will be starting trial runs of a new system to ensure journalistic integrity. Sources within several leading news corporations have released a statements elaborating on the new practices. “It’s very important that we […] Read more

Revised Trump platform consists entirely of Skittles metaphors

Following his son’s tweet which equated Syrian refugees with a bowl of Skittles candy, Donald Trump made history Wednesday by becoming the first presidential candidate to run on an entirely Skittles-based platform. Trump’s revised platform, which was posted to his campaign website Tuesday morning, left his actual policy proposals unchanged but replaced the complicated political […] Read more