Huskers to Institute All Tight End Offense

After the Huskers 9-4 football season in 2011, offensive coordinator Tim Beck announced the offense is getting a revamp. Beck further explained that the team would be undergoing a journey to find the cause of those four losses. Following careful study, which included attaching a camera to quarterback Taylor Martinez’s helmet during practice, the coaches […] Read more

NFL Officials Uncover Secret Man-Tackling-Man Ring

Story by Mitch McCann Following investigations into the New Orleans Saints’ allegations of “bounty hunting” among NFL players, in which players or staff offer large sums of money for questionable hits on opposing players, league officials have uncovered numerous instances of severe full-body tackling of individuals occurring nearly every Sunday during the 2011-2012 season. Officials […] Read more

John Papuchis Calls “Little Spoon” For Upcoming Husker Retreat

Fresh-faced and newly appointed defensive coordinator John Papuchis drew curious looks from a crowded ballroom during an announcement Saturday when Cornhusker head coach Bo Pelini read the itinerary for the upcoming annual Cornhusker Football Coaches Retreat. According to sources from the incident, Papuchis “squeed with glee” when Coach Pelini included his name among the nine […] Read more