Amidst rising tensions with North Korea, President Trump proposes gorilla warfare

In a recent meeting among the United States’ top national security officials, President Trump reportedly suggested a new strategy to combat rising tensions with North Korea. After hearing various ideas from military leaders, Trump offered what he believed would be most effective against the aggressive regime of North Korea. “I hear what you’re saying about […] Read more


CIA: ISIS “terrified” of white guys posing with guns on Facebook

According to a leaked CIA internal memo, there’s only one thing that the middle-eastern terrorist group known as ISIS fears more than Allah’s disapproval– lower-middle-class, AM-radio-listening, outspokenly patriotic white men who pose with weapons in their Facebook photos. The memo detailed how ISIS is, as one senior analyst described, “shaken to their core” by what […] Read more

el chapo

EXCLUSIVE: The El Chapo interview

The following is an exclusive, possibly illegal email exchange between The DailyER, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s premier satire newspaper, and the infamous Mexican druglord El Chapo.   From: The DailyER Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 5:00 PM To: Subject: Interview request >hey —————- From: The DailyER Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 5:05 PM To: […] Read more

European Union closes all borders in response to refugee crisis

In an unprecedented response to the current Syrian refugee crisis, multiple DailyER foreign correspondents have confirmed that the European Union has closed all entrances to the continent of Europe, with no exceptions. Faced with an influx of refugees fleeing unimaginable horrors in Syria, conservative government officials in EU member states are heralding the border closing […] Read more

Cubans Thrilled to Catch up on American Culture, 2001-2008 Will Ferrell Films

Last week’s meeting between President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro signified a historic step in the American-Cuban normalization process. No longer the Cold War communist state of Fidel, Cuba’s slow march to embracing capitalist business practices has rapidly accelerated in recent years. The fears of corporate American corruption have been quelled as Obama […] Read more