CBA dean disappointed in lack of synergy lately

The spring semester is almost halfway finished, and one person has noticed the magic has started to wear off on these students. Dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Donde Plowman, thinks there has been a significant “lack of synergy” in the classrooms of CBA.

“Their acumen is as robust as ever, but I’m afraid the buzz of Q1 is wearing off. The synergy just isn’t quite like what it was in January,” said Plowman.

Although dreary weather, especially after the spell of 60 degree days and sunshine seems like it may have been a factor, Plowman is positive there is more to it than a bit of cold. It may also be the grind of school work getting to students.

“There’s more than one factor contributing to these dangerously low synergy levels. It’ll require a holistic approach to streamline the process so we can see more growth in Q2,” Plowman continued.

While she didn’t have an immediate answer to fix the problem, Plowman is sure a solution will be implemented soon. The students of CBA will realign and reach the next milestone as they always have. Some students have already been thinking of solutions to leverage this dry synergistic spell into a learning experience.

When asked what he might do to get CBA synergy in the black, ambitious freshman Miles Overbay said, “I think a college-wide team-building exercise would be a good start. We just have to connect a bit better and make sure communication is optimized for the rest of the semester.”

Senior Jack Winstrom’s solution takes a slightly different approach, “Well it all starts at the top with the administration. The synergy will trickle down, and soon we’ll have a booming synergistic economy.”
Dr. Plowman said all synergy-related calibration solutions will have to wait until the beginning of Q2 to be put into place.