Child to leave milk and cookies for Jeff Bezos

Local child Austin McChoan is very excited for Christmas this year. 

Unlike previous years, this 8-year-old was able to write out a wish list, help bake cookies and put ornaments on the trees—things he was unable to do when he was younger.

Another tradition McChoan is able to finally participate in is leaving out milk and cookies for Santa.

However, instead of leaving the delectable treats for Santa, McChoan is taking a more direct approach by leaving them for Jeff Bezos, founder of the popular e-commerce site Amazon.

McChoan still believes that Santa is real, but he acknowledged that the power of Amazon has put Santa in some tough competition.

“Santa’s reliable,” McChoan said. “He’s good for one or two presents a year, but it’s impossible not to see the Amazon tape on the boxes of my present.”

“At some point, you have to accept who the real powers of Christmas are.”

McChoan has done gone all-in on pleasing the present god Bezos by using double-stuff Oreo cooks, 2-percent milk and an eloquently-worded letter expressing his gratitude for the hard work Bezos does.

“Thank you for all the hard work you do during this time of year, especially with the option of two-day delivery,” McChoan scribbled in his note to Bezos. “I know you’re busy, but a new bike would be great for Christmas this year.”

The note was the sweetest letter any child has sent to a billionaire owner of a shopping website and newspaper, and McChoan is hoping his quick wits will get him the present he truly wants.

“I can’t trust Santa anymore; all he gives me is socks and gift cards to JCPenney,” McChoan said.

“I’m not looking for affordable clothing, I’m looking for a bike—and I know that at a push of a button, Bezos will give me what I want.”