Coach McDermott Gets Verbal Commitment from 4-Year-Old Son

Head coach Greg McDermott and the Creighton men’s basketball coaching staff has been hot on the trail of new recruits since their season ended. They have landed a sizable amount of recruits for both the 2013-2014 and 2014-15 seasons already, and they’ve even gotten their first recruit for the 2027 season: Ryan McDermott.

It looks as though Coach McDermott is trying to emulate the team’s most recent success with his son and two-time All-American, Doug, with his next oldest son. Ryan McDermott will enter YMCA play next winter. He will reportedly play every position on the court for the “Cobras.”

“I’ve been working with him on his jump shot with his Little Tikes hoop in the basement, and I gotta tell you, I’m liking what I’m seeing,” the Creighton coach and proud father reported.

Other basketball teams interested in the young player include Louisville Elementary, Villanova Magnet School, and P.S. 118.

Despite his fiercest critics, Coach Greg McDermott denies the allegations that this is a desperate attempt to revive the program after its imminent demise. Creighton’s star player and daddy’s-little-man Doug McDermott will soon announce whether or not he will enter the NBA draft or stay and play at Creighton for another year.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Ryan can be the next star at Creighton. He could easily be a three-time All-American and stay four years,” Coach McDermott said, directing his voice up the stairs of his home toward Doug’s room. “If I could have him play next year I could, but I think there’s a rule about two brothers on the same team.”

Coach McDermott then looked up to Doug’s room hopefully. Doug had no comment.