Communications Major Attends Class

Undergraduate Communications major Joseph Wells attended his COMM 207 class on Monday afternoon, an action Wells had not done since realizing attendance was not mandatory on the first day of class.

The action occurred over a misunderstanding of the syllabus on Wells’ part. Believing that the classes exam was scheduled for Monday, Wells decided it would be a good decision to show up for class. The exam, unfortunately for Wells, was not scheduled until this upcoming Friday, information Wells would have known had he read any of the 3 emails the Professor had sent out with the subject “UPDATED SYLLABUS.”

“I really thought the exam was going to be today,” Wells said, sounding disappointed. “I can’t believe I missed a wicked game of ultimate frisbee over a misunderstanding.”

“This professor really needs to send out more emails. This is information I needed to know.”

The mistake did allow Wells to find out that the communications class was centered on business communication, a fact Wells didn’t know and believes will help him on the upcoming exam.

“It’s always nice to know what exactly the test is going to be on,” Wells said.

By 3:05 pm, with only 15 minutes left in the class, Wells decided he had had played enough solitaire and skipped out to go get a late lunch “and probably a dessert,” a treat Wells believed he earned for staying in class for over 30 minutes.