Concerned Looking Classmate Actually Holding in Fart

Jeremie Austin has a look in his eye.

He looks like he’s ready to learn. Like his brain is about to suck in everything it can and help mold his mind into a sharp tool.
In reality, Austin is trying to prevent a fart from escaping.

Austin’s classmates took notice of his attention, saying he looked like “he was in the zone.”
“Man, he must love learning about astronomy,” said Elizabeth Gorden, junior English major. “He hasn’t blinked in like three minutes, and his brow is so furrowed. Orion’s Belt must make more sense to him than me, I guess.”

Austin’s teacher, Erik Svelend, also spotted his pupil’s demeanor. Excited by the spark he saw, he began calling on Austin more, getting him more involved.

“I love when astronomy clicks with my students,” Svelend said. “I could tell Jeremie was learning what makes the stars worth gazing at.”
Svelend said he changed the class lesson to help his student increase his “love for the celestial heavens.”

“He seemed to smile when I mentioned gaseous planets, so I started talking about those,” Svelend said. “Talk about the difference between Neptune and Uranus seems to be another area of interest, so I’ll probably lecture about that, too. I’m excited for him.”
Austin said he was weighing to pros and cons of “just going for it.”

“I mean, if I just release it, there’s a chance of it making a sound, but there’s also a chance that it’ll be silent,” he said. “Plus, I really hate that I look so uncool right now.”

At time of press, Austin said he was going to let a bit out and see where it goes from there.