Dailyer writer accidentally cries out editor’s name in throes of passion

Reports surfaced early Saturday morning that the previous night a staff writer for the Dailyer, whose name has been redacted from this article, in the heat of passion screamed out the name of one of his editors instead of the woman he was currently making love to.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh DANNY!!!” [REDACTED] allegedly exclaimed at the climax of his sexual escapade with his Tinder hook up.

“Did you just say ‘Danny?’” [REDACTED]’s female counterpart inquired afterwards.

To which he replied with a tone of humiliation, “Uhhhmmm…yeah…that’s on of my editors. He’s pretty cool. You’d like him.”

[REDACTED] was quick to brush off the incident as a freudian slip, insisting that he was not thinking about current interim editor in chief Danny Lindsay while having sex.

“No, that’s ridiculous,” [REDACTED] stated. “I was totally focused on my girl. I mean, yeah, Danny has a mean bench press and a sensual mustache, but I’d never jerk off to it, ya know?”

Despite [REDACTED]’s assertion, news quickly spread throughout the staff. Since the news was made public, [REDACTED] and Lindsay have not made eye contact.