Daring, foolish dancer spins partner in Fibonacci spiral

For much of Tuesday night, the dancers at the Frisky Fling in the Sheldon Museum of Art were simply going with the motions, dancing and twirling like typical dancers. However, the night changed drastically when dancer Ricky Sanders became just a bit too daring.

“I have an idea,” Sanders said to his dancing partner, Matilda Frank, who noticed the bold flames in Sanders’ eyes. “It’s risky, but this move will make us the life of the party.”  

With barely any notice given to his partner, Sanders began picking up the pace as they danced to the classic “Could I Have This Dance?” As he did so, he observed the environment for any natural structures and found a nearby house plant to base his calculations on.

“I’m excited, but I’m also terrified,” Frank admitted, unaware of what was going to happen to her. “I want to help him, but I have a feeling that I should have said goodbye to my parents before I left home.”

With a natural structure in his mind, and with good muscle control and a little luck, Sanders managed to spin his partner in a Fibonacci spiral. Frank simply spun and spun, each spin increasing in speed.   

“She just keeps spinning,” Sanders said. “It’s beautiful, and everyone’s awestruck by the perfection.”

Suddenly, when everyone realized that Frank was spinning infinitely, the ignorance and cruelty behind Sanders’ action became clear. For hours, witnesses tried to stop Frank’s perfect spin with no results outside of many sprained wrists and one amputated hand. While no one could truly see the girl in the amorphous blur, they could hear her screams.

“Someone stop this,” Sanders said as he fell to his knees, realizing the error in his ways with tears in his eyes. “I’m so sorry, Mattie.”

After contacting emergency services, authorities started trying to rescue the girl from her spiral based on the Golden Ratio. As of now, the efforts are still underway.

“We don’t know if we’ll be able to save her from this infinite spiral,” said LPD officer Mike Hands.  “This happened in the ‘80s – terrible, with lotta blood and spinning. Stupid boy, he should’ve known better.”