Dennard Spills Barbecue Sauce on his Blackshirt

After the remarkable defensive performance against the Michigan State Spartans on October 29, Bo and Carl Pelini handed out the much longed-for “blackshirts.” The term has been synonymous with Husker defense for years, and the blackshirt is a storied tradition at the University of Nebraska.

Once senior cornerback Alfonzo Dennard got ahold of his, he wouldn’t let go. Dennard reportedly wore his blackshirt constantly: to class, to the movies, and even in the shower. The two were inseparable in the ensuing days.

And last Thursday night, Dennard wore his brand-new blackshirt to a local McDonald’s restaurant to eat with a few friends. Dennard reportedly ordered the McRib.

“Man, it’d be crazy not to get dat ish. It’s BBQ that won’t be around for a while!” Dennard told the DailyER. “I didn’t think things would get that saucy.”

Upon opening the magnificent cardboard box and lifting the saucy sandwich to his mouth, a glob of savory barbecue sauce fell smack dab on the immaculate blackshirt.

“Man, I thought coach was gonna kill me for that!” Dennard commented.
The defensive coaches didn’t seem to notice the crusted Mcdeliciousness on the secondary star’s jersey, however, despite the stain’s resilience in the washing machine.

“I guess dat ish be with me all season then,” said Dennard. “Husker nation better wish that ish can play defense.”