Desperate Family Research Council Now Drawing the Line at Interracial Gay Marriage

WASHINGTON DC—Following a string of recent defeats, the Family Research Council has reportedly changed its stance on gay marriage, claiming the Bible only disagrees with interracial gay marriage. “When we first read the passage ‘man should not sleep with a man as he sleeps with a women’ we obviously thought it was against all gay marriage but if you read between the lines, you’ll notice that God is only against gay marriage if it’s between people of different races,” FRC president Tony Perkins said. The statement was announced alongside the release of an FRC study that concluded that traditional family values are only harmed when a white homosexual man attempts to marry a Black, Hispanic, or Asian gentleman. “This study proves once and for all that the Bible was one-hundred percent accurate in its clear denouncement of interracial gay marriage,” Perkins continued. The FRC has invited all same race homosexual couples to join them in a marriage ceremony between FRC president Tony Perkins and his longtime boyfriend, James Dobson.