Disney Sending Pictures Of Disney World To Poor Families

In an act of charity, Disney is sending pictures of Disney World to poor families across the nation. These “gift packages” include high-definition photos of various attractions, as well as descriptions of the “magic” that a Disney park can bring to the average family.

Disney is hoping that the pictures and descriptions will be enough to satisfy those children “less fortunate” than others. Disney was especially concerned for those families living in “far away places” who had “no hope” of ever getting to Disney World.

“We just wanted to make sure that these kids got a taste of how magical Disney World can be. It would be a real shame if they went through life having no idea how great the Disney theme parks are,” President of Disney World Resorts, Meg Crofton, said.

“Maybe if they can even work a little harder than their parents, they can bring their children here one day.”

While Disney World has always helped the poor living around Orlando, Florida with free bus passes to help them relocate away from Orlando, or by allowing them to pick up the trash the tourists leave–and even paying them as high as minimum wage to do it–this is the first nationwide charitable effort they have tried.

“This recession has really taught us that we must help each other out,” Disney CEO Robert Iger said. “I, for one, know that not being able to buy that second Hummer for my son hurt me more than anyone will ever know.”

“It is imperative that we at Disney show America that we do know what it’s like to not be able to get everything, but at the same time reminding them that magic still happens at Disney World Resorts if they ever can find the money to get down here.”