Divine Intervention Forgets to Save Other Nine People Involved in Car Crash

Emergency operators in Des Moines, Iowa received a flood of calls late Saturday evening when a four-car pileup obstructed the overpass intersection the I-80 and I-35 interstates.

Dessert store manager Sally Wilcox was on the scene of the accident, witness to the horrific incident.

“I could not believe my eyes. Everything was in slow motion,” said Wilcox. “I was clutching the cross on my chest, watching it all unfold from the window of my store. I called the police, but I knew there was something more I was destined to do.”

 According to the official Des Moines police report, 10 persons were involved in the pileup, nine of which are deceased.

The sole survivor, Christie Mullhallen, attributes the strange circumstances surrounding her survival to divine intervention. When questioned about the incident, divine intervention denied being in the area at the time, as well as any connection to Mulhallen.

“Look man, I’m not looking to get involved in any dicey stuff. Don’t put my name on this” said the supposed Hand of God.

Family and friends of the deceased, who were incredibly distraught by the news of their lost loved ones, questioned divine intervention for its controversial decision about the event.

“Who decides who lives and who dies? Who decides!? ” said Molly Sweet, an aunt of Tay Sweet, one of the passengers involved in the accident “It’s unjust, and I want to know who decides what’s fair and what’s not.”

“Not me, dude,” concluded divine intervention.