DN editor wishes sportswriter would stop tweeting about his favorite restaurants and “stick to sports”

The phrase “stick to sports” has become a popular saying over the last two years, used by individuals who are annoyed by athletes or sports journalists who speak out on political issues. With so many outspoken sports personalities like Jemele Hill and LeBron James in a highly volatile political climate, “stick to sports” has become more muted as the days go by.

However, the phrase is taking a somewhat unusual direction inside the basement of the Daily Nebraskan. According to sources within the paper, tensions have boiled over between DN Editor Aidan Connolly and sportswriter Trey Carlson, after Carlson tweeted about five different restaurants last week.

According to one source, Connolly would rather Carlson not tweet about restaurant reviews and “stick to sports.”

“The editor does not want to offend any other restaurants or individuals with conflicting views from an uninformed opinion,” our anonymous source claimed. “A good or bad recommendation on Twitter could diminish our readership, so he wants everyone to stay in their lane.”

When The DailyER contacted Carlson for comment, he seemed confused about the whole thing.

“It’s not like I used any official DN platform for my opinions, I just used my personal Twitter account,” Carlson explained. “All I said was ‘Bison Witches is bomb’ and ‘the Greatest Burger ever at Abe’s lives up to its name.’ That’s not even that radical of a statement.”

Connolly spoke with The DailyER to clarify any confusion.

“It’s not that I don’t want him to tweet only about sports, it’s that the only thing he tweets about are those dumb restaurant reviews,” Connolly clarified. “We get it, Honest Abe’s is good, everybody knows that. Why not give your opinion on the defense every once in a while?”