Doc Sadler Dedicating Season To Not Losing His Job

A goal must be difficult, yet achievable–and for that reason, Doc Sadler, head basketball coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, has stated that his only goal for this season is to make sure the team doesn’t cost him his job.

“I’m not kidding around with any team accomplishments this year, because we all know this team isn’t winning any sort of championship, at any level,” Sadler said. “I’m just hoping not to lose my job.”

Athletic Director Tom Osbourne said he was “thrilled” to hear that Coach Sadler had come up with more realistic goals for this season, saying last year’s goal to win the Big 12 was “laughable.”

The more realistic goals for this season have allowed the team’s practices to have a “sense of calm” about them, Senior guard Bo Spencer said.

Ironically, the low expectations seem to be keeping the team more energized than usual. They almost beat an Atlantic Coast Conference opponent, a miracle that Spencer said would “not have been possible” just a season ago.

“This team is ready to be slightly better than mediocre this year,” Sadler said.

“These players want to keep me here, because they know a new coach is going to be a whole new set of expectations. And they all know that the one thing Nebrasketball doesn’t need is expectations.”