Dr. Ben Carson gains ground in polls after giving the Quran ½ a star on Goodreads

After a controversial two weeks in which presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson said that he would not welcome a Muslim president in the White House and that religion should be a probable cause for searches, many have called for the suspension of the doctor’s campaign.

Carson, however, has repeated that he is not one to back down on his beliefs. Carson decided to double down on his views by writing a one-half star review of the Quran on his Goodreads page.

In his brief review, Carson stated, “[it is the] worst book of the last 2000 years. Does not conform to the American way of living. Unrelatable protagonist, no development of a female character. Maybe learn some English because these swirls are gibberish. Where is the Jesus? #Carson2016.”

Carson went on to say, “we cannot let the rambling of an unreadable book control the American way of restricting the religions of non-whites.”  

The post has been called the next step in Carson’s attack against the Muslim community, as he has risen to second place in recent national GOP polls. However, most people are still calling Dr. Carson on his hypocrisy.

One commenters named jwow43 said, “How come when women and gays are subjected by ‘terrorists’ is support limiting’s a women right to health care and financial success in the country you so love.”

The Carson camp had no response to this gibberish.

While most candidates would withdraw from the GOP race for the horrid views, Dr. Carson seems to be gaining popularity, as donations to his campaign have sharply increased.

As political correspondent Joe Smith said, “All he has to do is now is say that Indonesia is a bad tourist destination, and he’s basically the next multi-millionaire.”

When asked what books he does like, Carson responded with the children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are.”
“It speaks to me.”