Dude, check this out: A spider and a wasp are fighting

Dude, come check this out.

No, not there, over here. Trust me, you’ll think this is awesome, but it’ll only last for a bit. I know what I’m talking about; I spend plenty of time studying botany and writing shitty poetry in a field of flowers, and I would do almost anything just to add a little thrill. But that’s beside the point, get over here!

See? It’s a spider and a wasp fighting to the death. How sick is that? The spider’s all big and hairy and gross, but the wasp is big too and looks hella pissed. That giant fucking thing on its butt is its stinger, but the spider’s twice the wasp’s size!

Geez, who do you think’s gonna win? The spider’s getting all riled up now, so it might be able to grab the wasp. But man oh man, that yellow bastard has some sick moves.

Jesus, the spider dude jumped like a goddamn cheetah!

Oh man, that was intense. It looks like the wasp won. It managed to stab its ass-knife into the spider. The spider’s all curled up now and the little winner’s zipping around like he just won the Insect Gladiatorial Superbowl or something. I can almost hear the wasp saying “Are you not entertained?” in some tiny wasp voice. Man, that was tight.

Alright, well, back to boring nature I guess. Oh wait, hold on.
Dude, I lifted this log, and there’s some cool stuff crawling under here! Check it out!