Editor’s Note: Five years time

Wow, five years gone by in a flash. That’s how long I’ve been working for the Dailyer, and it seems like just yesterday I was a bright eyed 18 year-old, trying to figure out how to turn dick jokes into headlines.

The Dailyer has only existed for six years, and I’ve been around for five of them. During those five years I’ve seen the Dailyer turn from an upstart humor magazine, to a financially sustainable staple of campus life. Almost everyone who will be graduating in May will have had the Dailyer exist for their entire tenure on campus. Every freshman that arrives at UNL this fall will have no idea the Dailyer has only existed for a handful of years, because right now, UNL is a university with two student newspapers, and that is just the new normal.

Now, the fight for normalcy was a long one, and I can personally vouch that there were multiple occasions where it looked like the paper was about to die. As a freshman, I once wrote an offensive article about Carl Pelini that warranted a personal call from Bo Pelini, as well as Harvey Perlman almost laying the hammer down and killing the paper in its second full year.

As history will note, the Dailyer was spared by then ASUN President, Justin Solomon, whom Perlman gave the final say as to whether or not the Dailyer’s funding should be cut. After surviving this near death experience, the Dailyer continued to publish, and saw it’s advertising revenue and readership grow at a steady clip.

Now, after five years with this paper, I am writing my last editor’s note (and last thing I’ll write for the paper in general) and I couldn’t be more excited to watch the paper continue to grow without me. I am incredibly proud of everything this publication has accomplished in my time on staff. None of it would be possible if the Dailyer didn’t consistently attract talented, creative individuals who want to be a part of something greater than themselves.

It’s because of this shared belief that all past, present, and future Dailyer members share, that I know without a doubt that the Dailyer’s best days still lie ahead. UNL is a great place to go to school and to grow as a person, and I am supremely elated that the Dailyer will get to continue to be a part of that community for years to come.