Eight tips to make your time at the career fair, like, not a total disaster, bro

Hey bro, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln career fairs are coming up soon. It’s time for you to go out and get a totally sweet internship or full-time job. But I know you’re thinking, “Bro, I’m like, totally not prepared for the career fair.” Don’t fear, bro, I got you covered! Here are eight wicked awesome tips to make sure you get your dream job:

1. Research the companies before the career fair

Rookie mistake number one is not knowing who will even be at the career fair, bro. Definitely take time off from scrolling through your Twitter feed and do some, you know, research and stuff on the companies attending the career fair. A list of employers attending can be found on the UNL Career Services page, so like, give it a read and maybe figure out what each company does and what kind of job you’re looking for, ok?

2. Dress like you’ve already got the job 

This one is definitely a no-brainer, dude. The recruiters at these career events are, like, high-end business professionals. They will all be wearing business suits and skirts, broski. So, do yourself a favor and go to your nearest Men’s Wearhouse or JCPenney store and get a nice suit and tie or a skirt. Oh, and get that bad boy tailored, capeesh? No one wants to see you walking around in baggy pants, man. What are you, MC Hammer?

3. Print off several copies of your resume

Rookie mistake number two: not bringing copies of your resume. Bro, they’re not gonna remember your past experience from memory when they leave the career fair. You gotta give them something to look at while you’re telling them about yourself, you know? No one wants to hear you rant about yourself for five minutes, trust me. Print off enough for all the employers you wanna visit and you’ll be good to go, bud.

4. Give yourself plenty of time

Bro, this one is important. You gotta give yourself enough time to fit in all the employers you wanna talk to, right? Most of your time will be spent just, you know, sitting there waiting for Sally to just shut up, take the business card, and leave. That’s something you gotta allow time for, broseph. Otherwise, you’re totally not going to have time to talk to all your desired employers. Get there early, got it?

5. Prepare your “elevator pitch”

Bro, don’t throw a curveball at the recruiters and make something up on the fly. No, you gotta hit ’em with that 90 mile per hour fastball each and every time. Have a solid speech ready for every recruiter to sell yourself to them. You know, talk about your major and other important stuff, ok? There’s no cookie-cutter way to form an elevator pitch, ok? Just talk about yourself and your skills and you’ll be fine, bro. Trust me.

6. Take notes

You want a way to stand out to employers or nah? Take notes if you wanna stand out, brochacho. Seriously, bring one of those padfolio things and a pen (if you forget the pen, it’s ok because you’re gonna get like a hundred pens at the fair anyways). Ask the recruiters questions about the company and position and just start taking notes. Is that too hard for you, bro?

7. Assert your dominance

This is the most important stage of the process, bro. Competition is, like, super fierce, you know? You gotta take control of the career fair. Start asking the interviewer questions. Hand them a pamphlet. Take on the role of their manager. Fire them on the spot. Take over their role in the company. Let them know of open positions with YOUR company. Be the alpha dog, brofessor. Take the job while you can.

8. Be courteous

This is a rule you should always follow, bro. You’re, like, representing your university, right? Well, don’t act like a goofball, ok? Thank the employer for their time, put a goddamn smile on your face and act like you wanna be there. It’s, like, the easiest part of the career fair. Your future career is on the line here, homie. Put that extra effort in and I’m certain you’ll get a totally radical interview or something, bro. You got this.