Ex-Boyfriend Just Wants His Xbox Controller Back

In an unprecedented “asshole-ish” move, Stacy Mullen’s ex-boyfriend Morgan Stills called only three days after their break-up to ask for his Xbox controller back

The move was met with a negative reaction from Stacy’s “best friend forever” Jennifer Moor and current boyfriend Dennis Jones.

“That son of a bitch thinks he has any right to that Xbox controller? Man, once he breaks up with my girlfriend, that shit belongs to me,” Dennis Jones said.

Jennifer agreed with Dennis and added that she couldn’t believe he’d “pull a Rick” like that, Rick being Stacy’s other ex-boyfriend who continued living at her apartment and demanding Stacy make make him dinner for months after they broke up.

“He knows how nice she can be, and how caring. She’s even dating Dennis now, for Christ’s sake. He has no business even thinking about her after breaking her heart like that,” Jennifer said.

In his defense, Morgan stated that he’d waited the customary three days and wanted his controller back.

“I’ve got her Nora Roberts novel and blow dryer, so I’m sure she’ll come around,” Morgan said. “Or at least I hope she does. The whole reason I dumped her was because I saw her on a day she decided to not blow dry her hair.”