Facebook quote about fascism more impactful with cursive font

Facebook goers all around the world have been deeply moved since Friday night, when Lincoln resident Kelsey Davis posted a quote about fascism. What made Davis’ quote especially impactful was not just the quote’s words, but its powerful, cursive font.

“As we try to create a beautiful melody of peace, fascism is the broken violin in the hands of an ignorant man,” the quote read, with every letter of every word curly, frail and reminiscent of swaying willow branches. “We must not ignore this violin, but crush it and slap its musician with the remnants.”  

The font, Davis said, helped express herself in the most accurate and personal way possible.

“This world is full of shadows like fascism, and I wanted to be the light to obliterate those shadows,” Davis said after pointing out how the slight italicization in the cursive was a subtle, but important rhetorical statement. “With this, I feel that I can certainly make a difference in a way that’s ‘me.’”

Davis is not alone in appreciating her creation. Witnesses claim that the font type used for the quote, included in an Occupy Democrats Facebook image with a lime-green background, simply makes its statement all the more poignant.

“I feel that the font just tied it all together,” Lincoln resident Jamie Hamon said, who mentioned how she might have seen a similar font used in the poignant film“The Notebook.” “The quote itself could have stopped a lot of the fascism on Facebook, but that memorable font will destroy all of it now.”

Davis said that she plans on altering the fonts in many other quotes – by, for example, making the lettering micro-pixels thinner and adding swirls to the ends of g’s and q’s. Other options include incorporating popular memes and references.

“We cannot stop the fight on fascism,” Davis said, her face buried in her work as she changed the font on the word ‘pigs’ so that each letter looked about ready to dissolve. “But who knows what we can accomplish if we don’t try?”