Freshman ROTC Student Hopes to Get Lots of No-Scopes, Knife Kills

University of Nebraska-Lincoln freshman Will Thompson has visions of a bright future in the United States Army.

Like other students enrolled in the ROTC program at UNL, Thompson will take a number of military science and leadership classes during his time at the university. His primary interests, however, lie on the battlefield.

Thompson told The DailyER that he hopes to develop crucial skills during his college years in preparation for military service. Chief among these skills is the ability to quickly take out targets by firing from the hip every time rather than aiming. He also stressed the importance of getting up close for melee kills when necessary.

“I’m hoping to be a truly versatile soldier,” Thompson said.

With such an obvious enthusiasm for violence and mayhem present in the 18-year-old student, Thompson claims that many people assume he comes from a long tradition of military service.

“Neither my parents nor my grandparents have ever been a part of the military,” Thompson said. “I’m the first person-shooter in my family.”

As a result of his lack of family connections, Thompson claimed he feels a great deal of pressure to succeed. Still, he remains optimistic that he will prove an asset.

“I’m looking forward to serving my country in any way possible,” Thompson told The DailyER. “Whether that includes being proficient with sticky grenades or getting throwing knife kills from across the battlefield.”

Going beyond his thirst for scoring sick kills, both ranged and melee, Thompson dreams of a long and illustrious career in the military.

“My greatest hope is to advance to a high position of command,” Thompson said. “At least to whatever rank you have to be to dual wield gold pistols on the battlefield. “
“That would be sick,” Thompson concluded. “And badass.”